Malinois need very little grooming normally. A quick going over with a slicker brush or a comb once a week is quite enough. However, twice a year they will moult, and if you have never seen it before, you will be amazed at the amount of hair that will come off your dog! You will literally be able to fill several carrier bags with fur. During the moult, you need a rake comb or slicker brush to get down to the bottom of the coat and remove the old undercoat which is soft. This process can take weeks, but it will greatly speed things up if you bath the dog when he or she starts to moult, and comb out as much loose hair as possible whilst the coat is still wet. An excellent grooming tool for a moulting Malinois is the “Furminator” comb. It’s expensive to buy so look out for it on Ebay where it is often sold much cheaper –it is well worth its price. Some working type Malinois have a smoother coat with less under coat, which makes them moult less. Others have very thick coats. Neutering a dog or spaying a bitch will make the coat grow thicker.

Malinois in full moult